Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS Software

Ultimate SMS Machine – USM

USM (Ultimate SMS Machine) provides helpful features and is considered to be potent SMS message broadcasting software for e-marketing purposes. From marketing point of view, you can send as many messages as many you want and can receive via your mobile phone. You will find it unique and workable on internet requirements but not like other desktop texting software. It coordinates well with your cell phone, GSM modem or cellular terminal and efficiently makes a perfect integrated system with your computer. You will make a connection through a USB data cable, Serial data cable or with specific Bluetooth Com port.

For promoting your business products, you have to send SMS in bulk. This software cut your cost and boost up your marketing campaign by transforming required data from one cell phone to another. You will be pleased to know that message would be sent through fastest means and will allow you to promote, remind, alert, sending important notice and announcements. All these features are well executed through USM – Ultimate SMS Machine E-marketer software program.

Our company is pioneer in SMS Software Development in Faisalabad – Pakistan. We can provide customized solution of sms related to anyone on his requirements.
We have SMS Software in different Languages like Russian, Japanese and many more…

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