Ongoing Marketing – Why it Matters

Marketing, whether it is via direct SMS or via other digital forms such as social media, is crucial for optimal business success. But one might ask, why does marketing even matter? If my sales are good, do I even need to worry about marketing? What do I even get from my marketing efforts?

Many organisations equate sales and marketing as the same thing. They are not. The role of marketing is not, in fact, to generate sales. The role of marketing is to generate leads.

Once leads have been generated, sales will follow if your product and service is great.

No matter how successful your business might be right now, that nature of business is cyclical. Sometimes you’re up; sometimes you’re down. Every business needs a constantly evolving pool of leads. Even the most loyal customers will at some point stop buying, or move on. New customers are required to fill these gaps. These are converted from leads.

It can take weeks or months (or even longer) to generate a lead from an enquiry or initial exposure. People who ultimately become customers must navigate the journey from prospect to lead to paying customer.

It’s important to note that not all prospective customers are at the same point in the marketing and sales cycle. Some are ready to buy now; others might not be ready until some point in the future. Marketing gets you remembered. Ongoing marketing is the difference between piquing a consumer’s interest and losing their attention, or maintaining it for selling at a later time.

So you need to have great marketing practices in place that work for your business and your target audience. You need to be consistent with your brand message and identity, but look at what works and improve on this.

Marketing involves not just telling consumers why your product is right for them; it’s also about listening to their feedback. Great marketing keeps you, your brand, and your product in the forefront of consumers’ minds, generating new leads, driving sales, and fostering loyalty.

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